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Medical Application

Medical Application

In the Netherlands, around 6 million people have a chronic condition. More than 2 million people use 3 or more medicines per day. Built for a target group of 3 million users in the Netherlands only with as sole purpose to make their lives easier, all using 1 app.

Through the app that our client has created they can now help control medicine intake and inform users on different medical brands, side effects and improvements.

With a team of developers, architects, research specialists and pharmacy experts, this app has been launched successfully and is growing fast among the Dutch target group.

This company has one goal, and this is to make the lives of medicine users easier. They do thorough research, are in constant contact with the market so they are aware of any updates, regulations and crucial adjustments that can have effect on the pharmaceutical sector.

Working for this company will enable you to work in a dedicated team of professionals and give you the opportunity to work on a ground-breaking app. Innovation in its purest form, transforming a trusted sector to move to the digital realm.

Status Pro is the exclusive recruitment partner looking for IT professionals to join their team. At the moment we are looking for mobile app developers with skills in Dart (flutter), bits of iOS and Android native.

Also curious to see how we could add value to you? Then contact our Managing Consultant IT Development, Masora Lilipaly at or call 0172-853292.